Index of exceptions

Bits_error [IO]

Different_list_size [ExtList.List]
Different_list_size is raised when applying functions such as iter2 on two lists having different size.

Empty [Dllist]
Empty_list [RefList]
Empty_list [ExtList.List]
Empty_list is raised when an operation applied on an empty list is invalid : hd for example.
Error [Unzip]

Global_not_initialized [Global]
Raised when a global variable is accessed without first having been assigned a value.

Input_closed [IO]
This exception is raised when reading on a closed input.
Invalid_arg [DynArray]
When an operation on an array fails, Invalid_arg is raised.
Invalid_char [Base64]
This exception is raised when reading an invalid character from a base64 input.
Invalid_index [RefList]
Invalid_index [ExtList.List]
Invalid_index is raised when an indexed access on a list is out of list bounds.
Invalid_string [ExtString]
Invalid_table [Base64]
This exception is raised if the encoding or decoding table size is not correct.

Malformed_code [UTF8]

Negative_index [BitSet]
When a negative bit value is used for one of the BitSet functions, this exception is raised with the name of the function.
No_more_elements [Enum]
This exception shall be raised by the next function of make or from when no more elements can be enumerated, it shall not be raised by any function which is an argument to any other function specified in the interface.
No_more_input [IO]
This exception is raised when reading on an input with the read or nread functions while there is no available token to read.
No_value [Option]
Raised when calling get None.
No_value [OptParse.Opt]
No_value gets raised by OptParse.Opt.get when an option value is not available.

Option_conflict [OptParse.OptParser]
Option_conflic name is raised by OptParse.OptParser.add when two different options are added with identical names.
Option_error [OptParse.Opt]
This exception signals that an option value is invalid.
Option_help [OptParse.Opt]
When an option wants to display a usage message, this exception may be raised.
Out_of_range [UChar]
Output_closed [IO]
This exception is raised when reading on a closed output.
Overflow [IO]
Exception raised when a read or write operation cannot be completed.