Module UTF8.Buf

module Buf: sig .. end
Buffer module for UTF-8 strings

type buf 
Buffers for UTF-8 strings.
val create : int -> buf
create n creates a buffer with the initial size n-bytes.
val contents : buf -> UTF8.t
contents buf returns the contents of the buffer.
val clear : buf -> unit
Empty the buffer, but retains the internal storage which was holding the contents
val reset : buf -> unit
Empty the buffer and de-allocate the internal storage.
val add_char : buf -> UChar.uchar -> unit
Add one Unicode character to the buffer.
val add_string : buf -> UTF8.t -> unit
Add the UTF-8 string to the buffer.
val add_buffer : buf -> buf -> unit
add_buffer b1 b2 adds the contents of b2 to b1. The contents of b2 is not changed.